Retire in Covid-Safe Mauritius

The global health outlook, marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, has made safety and security a prime concern for the elderly people. Mauritius is recognised to have successfully managed the COVID-19 pandemic by adopting adequate sanitary measures. The country is now safe for circulation, work, leisure, dining, and other activities.

The demand for retiring in Mauritius by non-citizens from various countries is on the rise. The validity period of a residence permit issued to non-citizen retirees, aged at least 50 years, has been extended from 3 to 10 years since September 2020, for a monthly sustenance transfer of just USD 1,500 over the duration of the permit.

A retired non-citizen issued with a residence permit can be accompanied in Mauritius by his spouse, children aged 24 years or below, and parents.

The accommodation options available to retired non-citizens are multiple, ranging from leasing lifestyle apartments and luxury villas to being the owner of a residential unit under approved residential schemes. Senior living residences are also popular options that offer a peer environment, health care, and a range of facilities for recreation and socialising.

Relocating to Mauritius for retirement also offers various advantages, including access to state-of-the-art health care facilities. Retirees can also invest in businesses in Mauritius, provided that no executive position is held, and no employment benefit is derived.

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“Before taking the decision of settling down in Mauritius, I have prospected many countries such as Italy, Spain, Portugal, Monte negro, Croatia, Morocco, Thailand and Vietnam to compare the pros and cons. All these countries have advantages and disadvantages for a future retiree! But it was during several stays in Mauritius that I decided to come to Mauritius as the country best answered to all my requirements. The motivating factors are the beauty of the island, the sea and its beaches, its warm climate, the cost of living, the friendliness of its people, and above all the business climate which includes reliable banking system, efficiency of authorities and good governance. All these positive points led to my decision and I advise my friends who are retiring to come join me because life here is sweet!”
French Retiree
"I have chosen Mauritius as my retirement destination as the country is blessed with social peace, warm climate, friendly population, beaches, beautiful hotels, and golf courses. Moreover, it offers financial opportunities, good healthcare system and reputed french schools. I have travelled to several countries across the world and lived in metro cities including Singapore, Hong Kong, London, Sydney, and Noumea. I also very familiar with Caribbean and all of South East Asia very well. Mauritius is by far the best choice and I have settled down here with my wife and my 15 year old child since August 2016. I am also very happy that I was granted the right to stay here until 2029".
French Retiree