Residence Permit for Retired Non-Citizens

Retiring in Mauritius is possible by obtaining a residence permit through two options specifically designed for retired persons:

The Non-Citizen Retired Permit

The non-citizen retired permit allows a non-citizen aged 50 years and above to reside in Mauritius for a period of 10 years, with the option to renew the permit.  To be eligible, the person needs to make a first transfer of at least USD 1,500 or its freely convertible foreign currency equivalent into a local bank.  Thereafter, there should be evidence of a monthly transfer of USD 1,500 or USD 18,000 yearly during the 10-year term.

A person with a non-citizen retired permit may invest in property designated for non-citizens. These include apartments in buildings of two floors above ground (G+2) for a minimum investment of MUR 6 million and real estate schemes such as the RES (Real Estate Scheme), IRS (Integrated Resort Scheme), Property Development Scheme (PDS), and Smart City Scheme (SCS).

PDS Senior Living Residences

PDS senior living residences are residences developed under the Property Development Scheme (PDS). These are tailored to the needs of senior residents with all the necessary amenities in view of an active and enjoyable retirement.

Under this scheme a non-citizen and his spouse, or common law partner, can obtain a residence permit by:

  • Acquiring a residential unit
  • Renting or leasing a residential unit
  • Acquiring a life right


A foreign retiree investing in the PDS Senior Living may benefit from several fiscal incentives.  The retiree is eligible for a 5-year income tax holiday on his pension income and other income remitted to Mauritius by himself and his spouse or common law partner. 

For any additional information, please get in touch with the Hospitality and Property Development (HPD) cluster on:

Tel: (230) 203 3800