Our country’s early success in controlling the COVID-19 spread has been a result of a vigorous, decisive, and highly effective response to the pandemic. Mauritius enjoys today an enviable position on the international scene, that of being a COVID-Safe destination.

As things stand at present, the economic impact of the protracted shutdown of the global tourism industry is likely to keep playing out over the coming months. With travel initially brought to a screeching halt, this global disruption has proven how important travel and tourism is to our economy, an industry that accounts for, directly and indirectly, more than 20% of our GDP. Nothing can change the reality of the global pandemic, but as a COVID-Safe destination we can leverage possible benefits.

This could be the perfect time for us to rethink and reinvent our tourism strategy to make the industry more resilient. The launch of the Premium Visa is aimed at triggering tourism demand; re-activating tourism and adapting to evolving consumer needs. With the gradual easing of flight restrictions, this new concept will help rebuild the trust of travellers seeking a safe holiday destination or chart a way for those seeking a retreat while remaining professionally productive or retiring in a secure environment.


What is the Premium Visa?        

The Premium Visa is issued to eligible non-citizens seeking to stay in Mauritius (individually or with their families) for an initial period of more than 6 months up to a year, with the option to renew. It is an appealing invitation to travel to Mauritius, to work remotely in safe haven, take a sabbatical or begin the journey to retirement while relishing an exotic luxury lifestyle in a COVID-Safe environment.

In order to qualify for the Premium Visa, the applicant must have proof of his/her long stay plans and travel and health insurance for the initial period of stay. The following criteria should also be met:

How to get your Premium Visa?

Applying for the Premium Visa is a relatively swift online procedure with no charges applicable. The online portal is accessible from the website of the Economic Development Board. Starting with the basics, the following is required:

Note: Pre-booking for Quarantine accommodation should be made prior to the date of travel.

Mandatory safety of travellers & nationals

In the midst of the spiralling pandemic and its devastating impacts, travellers need to be and feel safe. To ensure the safety of visitors and nationals, the highest sanitary standards and protocols are being maintained in Mauritius. For all incoming travellers, including Premium Visa holders, a 14-day quarantine requirement has to be compulsorily observed. Health protocols are regularly reviewed in line with the country’s requirements and the status of the global pandemic.

Working remotely

The combined effect of flight restrictions, lingering risk to contamination and greater familiarity with online conferencing, have encouraged the business world to eschew the personal appeal of face-to-face meetings and opt for socially responsible online options. The Premium Visa stands as the perfectly adapted option for those looking to maximise their business productivity and leisure time in a country that prominently delivers the work, live, and play balance.



For the children, Mauritius offers a comprehensive education system that offers English, French, and international educational systems in primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions. Premium Visa holders are allowed to enrol their children in private schools in Mauritius.


Choosing the ideal retirement destination has never been easy, and these days, it is particularly challenging. Non-citizens seeking to spend their golden days in a country offering unparalleled luxury retirement with a robust and reliable healthcare system may apply for the Premium Visa to get an intense feel of the secure and peaceful lifestyle Mauritius offers.

Communication is key to creating awareness and bolstering demand. With a thoughtful marketing campaign across available media platforms and channels, including dedicated webinar sessions, the scheme has garnered impressive global interest. With the online platform operational since 16 November 2020, EDB has registered more than 300 applications from 50 different countries over a period of 2 months only.

In the midst of global travel disruptions, the offer of living in a unique tropical setting with white immaculate sandy beaches overlooking gloriously the gorgeous turquoise seas; or working while exalting over a magnificent sunset and lush greenery in our near idyllic climate seems enticing, doesn’t it?

It definitely is mesmerising, which is why we also allow Premium Visa holders to apply for an Occupation Permit or Residence Permit (as retiree) for a period of 10 years during their stay in Mauritius for a prolonged feeling of serenity and wellness blended with exclusive luxury lifestyle.

We have also opened up acquisition of freehold property developed under the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS), Real Estate Scheme (RES), Property Development Scheme (PDS), Smart City Scheme (SCS), and Apartment (G+2) to those holding a Premium Visa. Property holders are eligible to apply for a Residence Permit upon the acquisition of a residential property of not less than USD 375,000.  Mauritius offers property investors a golden opportunity to tap into a well-established luxury end property market.

While this new year brings with it a lot of uncertainty on the international front, opportunities remain for those who can seize the reset moment accordingly. As a long-stay visitor, whatever your interest may be – from remote working professionals to travel enthusiasts to retirees – the Premium Visa is what you need.

For any questions/assistance pertaining to the Premium Visa, you may contact EDB office on 2033800 or at

You may submit your application for a Premium Visa through the online portal via the following hyperlink: Apply Now for Premium Visa


Written by  Shabina Fatadin