Mauritius Offers 10-year Work and Live Residency to Investors and Self-Employed Professionals

In September 2020, Mauritius transformed its work and live regime for investors and self-employed professionals by extending the duration of its Occupation Permit Scheme from 3 years to 10 years. Also, the initial investment criteria for an investor to obtain an Occupation Permit has been lowered from USD 100,000 to USD 50,000. The investment threshold for the Self-Employed category however has been maintained at USD 35,000.

The 10-year occupation permit is renewable upon satisfying certain business volume criteria which, as from the 3rd year, is a minimum annual gross income of MUR 4 million for Investors, and an annual business income of MUR 800,000 for the Self-Employed.

Investments in high technology machines & equipment and in innovative start-ups have different applicable criteria.

More information is available on the following link:

During their residency in Mauritius, the spouse, children aged 24 years and below, and parents of an Investor or Self-Employed Professional are also eligible for a residence permit, allowing them to live in the country for the same period.

Investors and Self-Employed Professionals have a wide range of possibilities to cater for their accommodation needs, spanning from leasing residential properties to the acquisition of a residential unit in an approved residential scheme, such as the Integrated Resort Scheme, the Real Estate Scheme, the Property Development Scheme, and the Smart City Scheme. Acquisition of apartments outside the schemes is also possible, provided that the apartment is in a building which is Ground + 2 Levels minimum and the price exceeds MUR 6 million.

While investment is possible in a wide array of economic sectors, the following sectors have been attracting most investments under the Occupation Permit Scheme: Professional services, Financial services, Import and Export, ICT & Media, Hospitality, and Manufacturing. Mauritius provides a host of incentives to investors in different sectors of the economy.

Mauritius is a destination of choice for investors across the globe, including from France, South Africa, India, Britain, Belgium, Italy, and China.

"Several reasons motivated me to come and live in Mauritius: the beauty of the island, the Mauritian people, security, the respect for nature present among all the inhabitants…. After many years as CEO of a company in France, Mauritius is one of those countries which allows, on condition of being efficient, the development of one’s occupation. I had applied for an Investor Permit. The relaxation of the minimum amount to invest allowed me to make this project a reality. The Mauritian authorities have managed to keep the country attractive. I have set up a real estate agency, and after a few weeks we have seen a positive response from the market. Life in Mauritius is even more enjoyable as we can live normally unlike most of the world. If we had to do it over again, we would without hesitation"
MARA Catherine
Investor from France
“For several years, I was teleworking, and with my partner and we wanted to allow our children to grow up in a privileged environment such as the one Mauritius can offer. We wanted to live in a politically and economically stable country, with good schools, with both a genuine living environment and a dynamic economic system. The geographical location of Mauritius allows me to work with Europe and Africa without suffering too much from differences in time zones. In addition, the Mauritian multicultural diversity is in line with our values and our state of mind. To settle in Mauritius, we applied for a Self-Employed Permit. This solution allowed me to continue my consulting activity with companies based in Europe. Despite the health crisis, the EDB services have remained very efficient and with a solid application, we have not encountered any major setbacks. We are really delighted to be living in Mauritius. Our dream came true and continue to be so. In addition, given the global health situation, we can only salute the work done by the Mauritian people, which allows us all to live in one of the few Covid-Safe places in the world”
Self-Employed from France